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The best of Japanese indie in 2016
The Japan Times
While the J-pop mainstream seemed in 2016 to have finally and irreversibly consummated the awkward courtship of streaming technology, the year was business as usual for the basement-dwellers of the indie and underground scenes. And as usual ... Taking ...

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2015年7月に結成された日本のバンド、ELMERが1月18日(水)に1stアルバム『LEGACY』をリリース。同作についてバンドの中心人物である高橋翔に話を聞いた。 ELMERは2015年1月に活動終了したバンド、昆虫キッズのメンバー高橋翔が中心となって結成。高橋のほか、 ...

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Nominees Announced for the SPACE SHOWER MUSIC AWARDS
Arama Japan (press release) (blog)
Their music is a mix of new wave/jpop-rock/indie pop. The production is impeccable & the vocals are mostly soft but brilliant all around. I implore you Aramajapan readers and staff. You can do this Soutaiseiriron!! (Though some artists are missing in ...