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The Japan Times

Music's shifting tides reveal a hunger for artistry in Japan
The Japan Times
The frilly, juvenile pop of the '80s gave way to the more consciously grown-up dance music and album-oriented-rock-influenced J-pop groups of the '90s, which in turn gave way to the R&B-influenced sounds of solo artists such as Hikaru Utada at the turn ...

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J-POPROCK」について知りたいことや今話題の「J-POPROCK」についての記事をチェック! (1/5). NEW. 新体制となった、ぜん君。が全国9都市ツアーを開催. 病みかわいいがコンセプトのアイドルグループ、ぜんぶ君のせいだ。(以下、ぜん… くらし > 音楽 , J-POPROCK , ...

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Quit Your Band! Musical Notes From The Japanese Underground
The Quietus
In the first half, Martin provides a quick primer on the history of Japanese popular music, from the Western-influenced kayo kyoku and lachrymose enka ballads, through the arrival of rock, punk, city pop, the dawn of J-Pop, the Shibuya-Kei scene of ...